Tuesday, July 3, 2012

new bling blaaaaouw!

Bloggers stores seem to be my favorite for trendy jewelry.  Ordered a new necklace from T&J Designs (blog: Red Soles and Red Wine) ...  and a new bracelet a while back from Mae Badiyan  I love them both and wear them often!  What I like about buying jewelry from bloggers' stores is that there are only a few of each item sold, so it's like shopping at a boutique and you'll never catch someone wearing the same thing at the same place!   I'm wearing them today at the office....

Love them both!!!!

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  1. I adore both of those pieces!! I am currently on the hunt for a chain link necklace and bracelet. I've asked for them for my birthday so I'm hoping I'll be rocking those soon!


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