Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Date Night & Forever21

Summer Date Night

Poverty Flats clutch

Vince Camuto Lyssia


Forever21 has some cute summer clothes right now and of course they are very wallet friendly too.  One thing that you have to be careful of is quality.  Sometimes I'm ok with buying cheap quality clothes, if I only plan on wearing them a couple times.  The "cost per wear" equals out, similar to an item I plan on keeping and wearing for a long time. This dress is $28.  How can you beat that?? If you wear it 3 times this summer the "cost per wear" is under $10, then you can transfer it to a beach coverup and wear it the whole month of August. (and longer if you are in the south and Cali.)
One way I would def wear this is for date night.  Pair it with cute casual wedges and simple jewelry and you are ready for dinner outdoors and a stroll by the water. 
What are your thoughts about Forever21 clothes??


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