Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday misc

If you are looking for more blogs about fitness and health, this will help! 

Happy Friday all!!  I'm headed out for my bday dinner tonight with my FI.  Not sure where we're going, it's a surprise!  My actual b-day is Wed, the 25th, but we'll be busy packing for our Snowboard trip!!

Have you ever heard of TIPPR?  They have great deals in your nearest major city and I just got a great deal on a photo booth rental for our wedding in a few months!!!  Their deals are 50% to 90% off, local restaurants, spas, retail shops, city events, bars, theaters, etc.  Just change to your local city.  You can sign up for the daily deals, and they can be emailed to you.  Just thought I'd pass this along!

and in honor of Friday..... may I just say that if I wasn't engaged, and he wasn't married.... oh yes, he would be mine!!!

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