Thursday, August 30, 2012

NYC window shopping

NYC window shopping


I know all the city-go-ers are heading to the beach for one last weekend, so we chose to pool it up at my parents and then spend one of the days in the city.   Do some window shopping and some sidewalk food tasting. Yuuuuum! I can taste it now!  Anyway, I digress....... this is what I'm thinking of wearing.  I wanted a scarf in case we go in to some of the stores and it's freezing, def. flats for walking around the city, and I decided to keep the jewelry to a minimum.  A lil mix of patterns to keep it trendy.
 This outfit reminds me of my bff, cheeks!  She would totally rock this too!  missin you!! xoxo

Do certain outfits or patterns remind you of your best friends??  I have several more I'll be showing.



  1. PS> you realize that the dress you posted I wore the same one in the blue color to your shower, LOL!!!! so you were thinking of me more than you knew : )
    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the pic you poasted was from my shower, how funny! Love cheeks!

  2. I love that purse! CH


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