Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mens: Weekender Bag

Mens: Weekender Bag

Zara Leather Bowling Bag / Zara Combination Bowling Bag / Zara Rubber Weekend Bag / Zara Combination Nylon Weekender / Zara Bowling Bag With Blue Stripes

There comes a point in time when a guy can NOT rock a backpack while traveling.  I would say about 30yrs old.  At this time... you need to step it up and get something a little more sophisticated and age appropriate.  I found a bunch of nice ones at Zara and they range from $90 to $300 depending on your budget.  If you are just going away for the weekend and don't need your piece of luggage that rolls, and is huge, this is the perfect option to get.  This is a good investment piece that you will have for a long time and shows that you are more put together than the next guy. 

Which is your favorite??


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