Friday, May 10, 2013

LOFT Striped Flare Dress

LOFT Striped Flare Dress

LOFT dress / ASOS flat soled shoes / Steve Madden wedge / Enzo Angiolini patent shoes / Lacoste handbag / Oasis handbag, $11 / Kate Spade two tone jewelry / Forever 21 square bracelet / Kate Spade hand crafted jewelry / C. Wonder yellow gold jewelry

Love this LOFT Striped Flare Dress.  You can wear it for a wedding or you can dress it down for lunch.  I chose supercute wedges or loving those tassel sandals as your lunch option, depending if your running errands before/after.  I kept the jewelry dressy and bright for a wedding option, and more simple for the lunch option.  This past week, LOFT dresses were 40% off, so I'm going to wait until they have that sale again or similar, and def get this dress!  You can totally dress this down even more with a light chambray shirt tied up, or dress this up even more with fun pearl bunched necklace!  There's so many options with this dress!


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