Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Great maternity clothes online

This post is for my preggo ladies!  I just found the cutest online maternity clothes website.  They also have their line sold in select stores throughout the U.S.  Supercute, trendy clothes, career style, and summer dresses!  A ton of their stuff is on sale now.  I have an account with Zulily, (click the link for an invite) which if you don't know, are daily deals for Mom's, Babies and Kids.  I have 6 nieces and nephews so I sometimes find cute things for them there.  So, I received my daily email and on there was this super cute girl pictured as one of the deals.  


  So I thought, hmm let me check this out.  This brought me to Everly Grey Maternity.  Here are some more examples of cuteness that if I was preggo would totally buy! 

$33, yes please!

$33 yup!