Friday, September 7, 2012

A man's BEST accessory, his wedding ring!

A man's BEST accessory, his wedding ring!

BKE jeans / Blue Nile wedding ring / Original Penguin 'Moby' High Top Sneaker / Volcom The Stone T-Shirt / Hurley Established Hat

Well our episode aired last night for Four Weddings.  We did not win, but it was a great experience.  If you missed it, you can catch it online on TLC's website, we are the "Fist Pumping" episode.
I chose today's outfit because I love when I look down and see my hubby's wedding ring on.  He doesn't always wear it because he's at his gym 24/7 but when he does wear it..... I get all mushy inside.  :)  (side note, this isn't what his ring looks like, couldn't find one similar).

The high tops are a pair I had picked for my Men's Fall styles so I wanted to show how to pair it easily.  You don't have to always "dress up" to look put together. 

Happy Friday!


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