Friday, September 14, 2012

NY Fashion Week Recap

I have to start by saying we had a great time at the private event hosted by StacyKnows at Neiman Marcus in The Westchester Mall.  She discussed what the fall trends are and had a little fashion show.  It was a fun time and I def have some favorites (pics below).  I follow Stacy because she is always the first to know what new restaurants or stores are opening in Westchester, the best shopping deals in the area, reviews from the local salon/spas and who has the best Happy Hour!!! haha 

Pic below: Love this cobalt blue blouse with popped collar, with the leather moto jacket collar popped also, HOT! 

 Pic below: Loving the skinny jeans with the black loafers, flowy blouse and jacket.  So easy to look put together and have some style!
 Pic Below:  Fur is IN this season I guess... I'm not sure if I love it yet but I can handle this fur in vest form.  I don't think it's too much when it's a vest, a jacket, for me is another story.  Loving the grey ankle booties and the cow print purse.  This purse is supercute and isn't too pic or too small. This wrap sweater is really flattering to every body type too. 
 Pic Below: Ughhh more fur... this is ok... but I was really loving this grey purse the most out of this whole outfit.  The print of these pants were a little out there for me.
We even jumped in on the styling from Vasken Salon in the Ritz Carlton.  Hair stylists were there to do hair curling and brow shaping for FREE!  Good stuff! You BEST know my girl and I both jumped in those seats as soon as they were available.

as my hubby says...... VAVOOM SASOON!

What are you favorite Fall trends you plan to rock??  

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