Friday, February 3, 2012

Frozen- Movie review

We watch the movie "Frozen" last weekend. 


It's about 2 guys and a girl getting stuck on a ski lift for several days and they have to make the decision to stay put and wait for help, with the risk of freezing to death, or to take matters into their own hands.

To see the trailer, click here!

My thoughts........ This movie was just ok.  I think if there was a little more story line to it, and part of the movie took place somewhere other than just on the chair lift, I think I would have been more interested.  Have you ever seen the movie "Phone booth" with Pacino or "Buried" with Ryan Reynolds??  Same thing.  The whole movie takes place on a chair lift, but, somehow, as soon as I was losing interest, something happened that made me think, "damn, I know exactly what I would do in this situation"  Which led to a 10 minute conversation with my FI as to what we would do different than this movie.  (Side note, my FI is a former Special Forces Sgt. in the Army.  I already know how to shoot several kinds of hand guns, how to kill someone with one finger, how to defend myself with one knife, know there are several knives strategically placed throughout my home, for risk of home invasion, YES this is my life!HA (but more about that later! ))

Anyway, back to it....  This movie was sort of bloody, not really shown, but you picture it in your head.  So if you don't like scary/thriller movies, I'd say stay away.  Overall, I'm glad I didn't waste $$ to see this in the theaters, IF this even was in the theaters.  It's definitely a "Flix iiiit" (said with a mucho flamboyant hand wave)  (MY way of saying a movie isn't good enough for theater, to Nexflix it instead.)

Sorry, you'll catch on to my lingo as time goes on....

Happy Friday all!  Have a great weekend!  We're off to my nephews 1st bday party, and a superbowl party!  Busy weekend!  Good food, great company, can't wait!


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